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Posted By :    Michelle  (
Posted :    7/27/2018
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Posted By :    Hillary Robert  (
Posted :    7/15/2018
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Posted :    7/15/2018
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Posted By :    Angel Castor  (
Posted :    7/15/2018
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Posted By :    DrongSen  (
Posted :    7/11/2018
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Posted By :    Tamara M.
Posted :    9/1/2015
Comments :    ABSOLUTELY THE BEST!!! I have two Pomeranians; one is 8 months, Emily, and the other is almost 12 years old, Lilly. Dr. Les recently took care of my baby, Emily, she was a hermaphrodite. This was a complicated procedure, but I was never worried. He was so confident, knowledgeable and caring. Little Emily underwent a complete hysterectomy, hernia repair and removal of a "penis-like" appendage. That was three surgeries! He was able to do all of this at one time, so she didn't have to be under anesthesia more than once. I am happy to say that little Emily is doing great. I had consulted with another surgical specialist, but Dr. Les gave me more confidence and I knew he was the one for the job. Dr. Lisa is outstanding. She has cared for Lilly for years, and now we have Emily. Watching her interact with my little ones, is as if they were her own. She remembers everything and will ask about how Lilly has been since we lost Gypsy a couple of years ago. There is no one else I trust as much, for her expertise, compassion and ability to "think outside of the box". She gets to know you and your little one, and knows that what may work for one dog owner might not work in your house. You can see the kindness in her eyes and in her hands as she examines your precious baby. I have been coming here for years, and I want everyone to know that this is the only place to bring your furry kids. I love my girls more than anything and I drive from North Scottsdale to see Moon Valley Animal Hospital for everything. Your are in good hands here, the entire staff cares about you and your babies almost as much as you do. Thanks Moon Valley Animal Hospital!
Posted By :    Jill D.
Posted :    9/1/2015
Comments :    I really like this place - the staff are wonderful and the vets are kind. They are great with scheduling and I rarely have to wait. I have 3 dogs and they let me bring 2 for their exams, then drive home to get the 3rd and do all my billing at the end. I once had a dog emergency while I was home with a migraine. I don't know how I drove there (luckily it was close) but when I got there, the receptionist could tell I was in a bad way. She took me and my dog into an exam room right away so I could lie down, and she did all the paperwork from there. The vet was also really cool with talking to me while I was lying down. :) And she was able to diagnose my dog's seizures. I've taken my dogs there for 3 years now.
Posted By :    Shelly P.
Posted :    9/1/2015
Comments :    Without a doubt, best vet I've ever been to! The prices are low to average and the entire staff cares! The office/examine rooms are always kept clean and welcoming. Right off of 19th ave and Tbird you'll find this small "hole in the wall" office. I highly recommend this place for your canine/feline companion!
Posted By :    Peter Kostyun  (
Posted :    1/17/2014
Comments :    My dog was having ear problems and I took him to MVAH vet based on my parents recommendation. I had him treated at another vet previously and I am very happy with my decision to try a new vet. The entire staff was helpful and took the time to deal with my difficult dog. He is fearful and hates it when I try to clean his ears or treat him. The staff took the extra time to show me how to train my dog and teach me how to handle him. I couldn?t be happier. I recommend them to anyone and everyone. On treatment they were interested in getting his ear issues under control and maintenance not just treating and sending me on my way. Services were very reasonable. We did what was needed I didn?t feel they pushed for extras
Posted By :    Aggie Swenson
Posted :    12/9/2013
Comments :    My mother and I had to make the decision to have our sweet dog Romy put down this year, so we took him to Moon Valley Animal Hospital. The staff there were so compassionate and sensitive, and made the environment very calm to ensure that Romy was completely at peace when he passed on. I was rather sad that we couldn't afford to have him cremated, and that we wouldn't be able to take him home with us, but on our next visit to pick up food for our other dog, they presented us with a little plaster imprint of Romy's foot, with his name and the year on it. Giving us that little piece of him was incredibly thoughtful, and we appreciate it very much. We miss Romy every day, but we are glad that when we decided to end his suffering, that we went to MVAH, and I would recommend their services to anyone.
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